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Experience you can trust since 1898

Service Advantage

The Bytown Lumber Service Advantage

Service Advantage - Bytown Lumber

We’ve been in business since 1898, serving trades, contractors and homeowners with superior service, great selection and competitive prices. That’s the Bytown Advantage. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Compact Stores that Are Properly Staffed

Our stores are compact in nature, to make shopping easier for you. And our materials and lumber yards are huge and filled to the brim with what you’ll need to complete your project. What’s more, we ensure that our stores are always staffed properly, and by subject matter experts that can help you find what you need, and offer the guidance necessary to make a job easier, or more economical.

Prompt Delivery

Being in the lumber and building materials business means owning a fleet of vehicles to ensure fast, efficient delivery to your site, wherever it may be. We believe delivery is an important part of doing business correctly and ensuring your satisfaction, which ius why we operate a fleet of over 100 vehicles of all types – from pickup trucks to large flat bed trailers and boom trucks. We deliver the goods!

A Service Oriented Mindset

At Bytown Lumber we’re here to help well beyond telling you what aisle a product is in. Our experts thrive on providing you with guidance, options, and expertise on how to do a job, what materials you’ll need, how to do it right, and how to save money doing it.

Special Orders Don’t Upset Us

Special orders are an important part of our business. Need a custom door size, a hybrid window frame, a specialty siding product? It’s our pleasure to help you with special orders and to fulfill them to your satisfaction.

We Know How To Estimate Properly

We employ many professional estimators with decades of experience in materials and project estimating. Whether it’s a small shed, a new home, or a commercial project, we know how to interpret plans and provide you with very accurate material lists and prices. We insist on eliminating as many surprises as possible, and we never do “short counts” to present a more competitive quote to you. With Bytwon Lumber, you can expect us to always be on the level.

Great Selection, at Great Prices

As a member of the Independent Lumber Dealers Cooperative (ILDC) – one of the largest buying groups in Canada – we can offer you excellent prices and great selection on quality products. Every year our segment specialists work with manufacturers and suppliers to extract the best quality materials at the best possible prices. And with roughly 3 Billion dollars per year in purchases, ILDC represents significant buying power.

We’re Contractor Friendly

Contractors who do business with us win! That’s because our great prices and superior service save you time and money. And like you, we’re proud to call ourselves experts in what we do. Want to explore a relationship with Bytown Lumber? Just contact your preferred store, and start winning!

That’s The Bytown Lumber Advantage, and you can expect it every time you do business with us!




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