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Brick and Stone Veneers

Enhance your project with Brick and Stone Veneers

We carry several brick and stone veneer products, along with a full complement of tools and materials to help you do the job right. One stop does it all!

Brick and Stone Veneer from Bytown LumberThin Stone Veneer

Providing the look of stone without the weight, thin stone veneers are an excellent choice for interior and exterior stone projects. They can be applied to an exterior wall, and interior wall or a fireplace and they look just like “the real thing.” Bytown Lumber carries several stone veneer products including Eldorado Stone, renowned for its appearance, selection and quality. Eldorado stone veneers capture the nuances, warmth and richness of real stone whether it’s indoors or out.


Brick and Stone Veneers from Bytown LumberThin Brick Veneer

A thin and lightweight alternative to brick, brick veneer lets you add the look of brick to almost any interior or exterior wall. Due to its light weight, brick veneer is quick to install and can normally be added to existing structures with little modification. We carry a variety of veneer products from Canadian manufacturers. Visit one of stores to see our complete line of brick veneer products including Impex Brick and Stone.

We’re Here to Help!

Our estimating division is always at your service. We will give you a fast and complete material estimate breakdown for your stone project. This service is staffed by construction specialists to provide precise material lists, quantities and costing.

We’ll also deliver your stone materials on time and without damage. We stay on top of your schedules and we plan out deliveries well before you need them.

Contact us for help with your stone project or drop by one of our retail store locations.

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