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Railings are BIG Business at Bytown Lumber!

We are one of the largest providers of outdoor railings of all types in the region. A new railing can do wonders for a home’s entrance or landing, help make spaces more secure for children, and protect you from accidents due to poorly installed or damaged components. Today’s options are vast and include wood, iron, aluminum, glass panels and vinyl. Colours and styles abound, and several systems are made to be installed by DIYers.

Keep us in mind for all of your projects as we can provide you with:

Railings - Bytown Lumber
  • standard railings in wood and iron
  • railing assemblies for DIYers
  • bars
  • ballustrades
  • glass panels
  • PVC railing assemblies
  • decorative columns and posts
  • decorative caps
  • ornamental aluminum railings
  • commercial grade iron and chain link fences

Need your railing installed? Or perhaps a complete new fence or deck is in your future? We have the skills, the crews and the equipment to do it right.

Contact us to get started – we install railings and fences of all types using our own expert crews.

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