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Project Estimating

Bytown Lumber Project Estimating

Self Builder Services - Bytown Lumber

Are you building your own home or undertaking major renovation work?

Our Estimating services help DIYers and contractors get the job done right, on time and on budget. We staff a complete team of experts that can help you with literally every facet of your project, however big or small. Whether it’s a room renovation, an addition, a garage, or a new construction, talk to us and get the level goods on your project. It’s all part of the Bytown Service Advantage.

Project Estimating Services

We can provide detailed material estimates and takeoffs for your project, regardless of its scope. With a wealth of products and services that extend from the foundation to the roof and into the yard, you can expect detailed information, competitive pricing, quality materials, and expert guidance. We employ several highly experienced estimators in our stores to ensure that material estimation is done properly, and precisely. We look at plans and projects with a critical eye, ask the right questions, and help eliminate the surprises that often lead to project failure – either from a financial or performance perspective. Trust the experts.

Bytown Lumber for Self-Builders

We are the preferred partner for self-builders throughout the National Capital region and beyond. Our experts can help you get everything right and s-t-r-e-t-c-h every dollar to your advantage.

Being a self builder can be a risky venture. While you may be fully knowledgeable about certain aspects of construction and planning, chances are you could always use a bit more help in other areas. Put the pros on your side by contacting and working with a Bytown Lumber certified builder representative. Our experts help hundreds of self-builders each and every year by providing:

Bytown Lumber Self Builder Services
  • professionally executed material takeoffs
  • detailed and precise estimating services
  • assistance in planning and scheduling materials and orders
  • delivery services
  • emergency assistance
  • a personalized, caring approach to your project

As you well know, it’s just not possible to buy everything off a shelf when building a home or making a major renovation. Some materials have to be ordered well ahead of time. And unless money is no object – and we’ve yet to see this  – you WILL have to manage your cash outflows in consideration of your project schedule. So, it’s not just about knowing how to spend but where, when, and why. Your Bytown Lumber Project Pro Representative (PPR) understands this, and a whole lot more.

Bytown Lumber for Self BuildersOur PPR’s are highly experienced individuals, many of whom have been with us for several decades. They are experts in the construction process, whether it’s a major addition, renovation or fully customized home. And they would love to share their knowledge with you.

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